Running 3000 Miles to Prevent & Treat Child Abuse


My goal is to raise $1 million to prevent and treat child abuse. On March 19, 2018, in support of Help For Children [HFC], I will put my life on hold and begin running 3000 miles across the United States of America, in an effort to to encourage, inspire, and motivate individuals affected by child abuse.


It took me over thirty years to come to grips with the sexual abuse I experienced in my early teens. There is something very wrong with that. I am still not healed, but I want to get people talking, Loudly. The only way out for those afflicted with this kind of trauma is treatment. The only way to stop the affliction is prevention. The only way any of this happens is by talking about it. I want to get people talking and that's why I have partnered with HFC. They are not only talking about it, they are doing something about it. I am HFC.


This is a massive effort. The planning is a daily affair and none of this can be done alone. Can you help?