Running on Fat

I'm off sugar, again.

I am working with nutritionist, Peter Defty, creator of OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) to help me get serious about one of the most important aspects of my training - nutrition.

the human body is designed to perform optimally using “fat as your fuel” for aerobic performance.
— Peter Defty, Vespa Nutrition

Peter and I crossed paths many years ago when I started running ultramarathons and chasing distance and speed goals. Back then, people thought he was crazy with OFM. The idea of burning fat for fuel was counterintuitive to everything we were taught. We were comfortable with the accepted formula, "protein builds muscles, carbohydrates give us energy, and FAT is EVIL."

Fast Forward 10 Years

The ketogenic diet is the hot, new thing. Only, it's not new, just repackaged with an easy, clever name and a fan base of serious performers. The world is now taking notice like never before. People are learning the evils of sugar and athletes are changing their thinking.

FAT as FUEL, it appears, is actually a thing, and it actually works ...really well.

My goal is not to convince you to give up sugar. There are enough resources out there much smarter, more experienced, and more respected than me. Do your research, learn things, experiment on yourself, and make your own determinations. My goal is to simply share with those interested in my run, how I intend to approach this challenge.

The First, Fat-Adapted, Transcontinental Athlete

My hope is that I can become truly "fat-adapted" during the next 5 months of training, and complete the entire distance from Manhattan to San Francisco, under the watchful eye of Peter, as a well-oiled (literally), fat-burning machine.

I have researched it, and to my knowledge, there has never been an athlete who has completed a transcontinental run in the United States utilizing Keto/OFM as their primary mode of nutrition. I'm pretty sure, no Keto/OFM athlete has even tried.

This gives me the opportunity to be the first, and either shine the light of positivity on the methodology or cast a negative shadow over the long-term effects of such a strict and difficult way of living in this current climate of sugar, sugar, everywhere.

I am not one to shy away from a challenge just because it's difficult, so, please, wish me luck.