Training The Galloway Method

During #Run2Heal, my goal is to run 30 miles a day, five days a week. That's an ultramarathon, almost every day, for 3000 miles. How do I plan to do this?

Introducing the Galloway Method

The Galloway Run-Walk-Run Method has been around for awhile but is basically the concept of introducing intervals into your running for a better run economy and improved recovery during and after the run. Coined by Jeff Galloway, an Atlanta-born and raised Olympian runner, the method has been widely adopted in running across the world.

Examples of Intervals

  • Run 3:00, walk :30
  • Run 5:00, walk 1:00
  • Run 7:00, walk 1:30

Currently, I am experimenting with various ratios that allow me to feel my best while running, breaking, and during post-run recovery.

Five Main Benefits of the Galloway Method

  1. Run longer, easier, pushing back the wall of exhaustion
  2. Less pounding and stress on the body
  3. Breaks up the distance into manageable chunks
  4. Better attitude and motivation during the time on the road
  5. Faster recovery post-run with less soreness for the next day

Training the Galloway Method

Getting started training this way is pretty straightforward. Personally, I use an interval timer on the iPhone that literally tells me when to run and when to walk. It's called Second Pro - Interval Timer, and it's very easy to setup.

    Setup Seconds Pro for interval training timing:

    1. Download Seconds Pro from the Apple Store or Google Play
    2. Open the app, and select the '+' to crate a new timer
    3. Name it, "Galloway" (or whatever you want)
    4. Change number of sets to 1000
    5. Click Exercise 1, and name it 'Run'
    6. Add a duration of your run interval (e.g. 5:00) Click the arrow to go back to first screen
    7. Click Rest Between Sets, and name it 'Walk'
    8. Add a duration of 1:00
    9. Ensure that Exclude from Count is check on
    10. Use the arrow to go back to the first screen
    11. Click Create in the top right corner

    You now have a 1000 interval counter that will tell you when to run, when to walk, and will run in the background. Seconds Pro will even talk over your music to ensure you meet your intervals.

    Give It A Try

    Ok, y'all, don't leave me out here "Galloway"ing alone. I'm already not vey happy that this is the way I have to train, but then again, it's not about me - it's about all those people out there, suffering from the lifelong effects of child abuse, that I will be able to reach with my message of hope and treatment.

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