Avalanche of Inspiration

Why did you pick $1 million?

Because it feels impossible. I have never even seen $1 million dollars. I know people who have $1 million dollars, but I am not one of them.

I picked a million dollars because I believe, with the help of a village, I can do anything. I will always be grateful for my near-death experience in 2012, finding GORUCK that same year, and getting the chance to test myself under extreme conditions on national (and International) television. Those three components of my life, because of the personal relationships that developed within, changed me profoundly as a man, team player, and leader, driving my desire to be a positive instrument for change in this world. To make my mark. To prove your past doesn't have to be your future.

Asking For Money Is Hard

No, I don't have a mountain of high-dollar connections in my "networks." Maybe a collection of "mountain runners," but not "high rollers." Nope, I mostly have a lot of creatives, athletes, skateboarders, internet marketing geeks, veterans, and hippies.

But, those hippies and creatives continue to support me with donations.

In a world of fraud, greed, and misappropriation, it's really hard to ask for money. You feel guilty before ever proving validity. Every single time I see a donation notification, I am thankful because someone else took the time to throw a nod in my direction and believes that I am committed to the cause.

It's You Who Inspires Me

In a race, every step forward is getting closer to the finish line. Every single dollar that is donated to RUN2HEAL gets me that much closer to a million dollars. At about $15,000 to date, I don't look at it has having "a long way to go." Instead, I look at it as more opportunities to share my story, listen to others' stories, and spread my message of erasing taboo, getting help, and removing the stigmas around mental health treatment.

There is an army of us out there. Truly, an "army" of those sexually abused as kids. It doesn't go away, and you can't hide from it. The only way out is treatment.

You guys are helping me make that difference inside that army. 

Don't worry, I will raise a million dollars. Maybe even more. I am dedicated, strong, focused, determined, and probably most importantly, I don't give up. Want to shut me up? Easy, give $1 million to RUN2HEAL, or directly to Help For Children ...and I promise I'll shut right up.

Until then, hear me roar.